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Gurkha Stories partnered with the 308 (Colchester) ATC cadets and Offshoot Films to make a short film about the retired Gurkhas in Colchester. The film project contributed towards the cadets’ Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award.

“Before the project my knowledge on the Brigade of Gurkhas was next to none which is one of the reasons I wanted to join the project… This project has allowed me to increase my knowledge on the Gurkhas and the Nepalese culture with the project giving me lessons on the history of the Gurkhas and their country’s culture. Now I’m able to understand the reasons behind their desire to join the Gurkhas… This project has enhanced my ability to speak to new people with confidence due to me interviewing some of the Gurkhas… I have also learned how to research subjects into more detail than before I had started this project.” Harry, 308 (Colchester) ATC

Beginning in November 2014 with the cadets researching the history of the Gurkhas and culture of Nepal, it gave the cadets a foundation of knowledge on which to build their interview guides for the Gurkhas when filming began in February 2015.

During Jan/Feb 2015 we held weekly workshops to support the cadets in developing their filming, interviewing and editing skills.  The film shoot took place over seven hours one rainy Saturday in February.  The young film makers’ concentration paid off and in the end they made two films:

Gurkha Voices – Making Of from Offshoot Films on Vimeo.

“I learnt lots of skills, both specific and general. I have learnt a lot about film making, such as sound recording, video recording, interviewing and editing. I also learnt about teamwork and leadership through small films and the main film. As well as this, I learnt time management from the main interview and writing the blog. Some of the older Gurkhas don’t speak English because they weren’t required to. So this project will hopefully help them get their stories out and know how much people respect them. Lots of young people don’t recognise the Gurkhas or know about them so they will now know, and show the Gurkhas more respect.” Alex, 308 (Colchester) ATC